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"Bringing People Together"
A supportive community for families with children with special needs.

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Hi! My name is Diana Avendaño Morineau. I am the mother of a beautiful and smart hard-of-hearing child, and I understand some of the unique challenges that parents like you may be facing. I know how much dedication and time our kids demand from us that we yearn for time for ourselves to engage with other people with similar needs and build a community where we can feel understood, have fun, and find friends.

Join a group or individual session with me. My mission is to facilitate experiences and conversations in a safe space for families of children with special needs to learn from each other, and share their stories filled with challenges, and successes.


My people-centered approach facilitates individuals to become self-aware, take responsibility, and make the necessary changes to feel better. This is an opportunity to connect and grow together.

I am trained in Gestalt therapy, and certified in neurolinguistic programming and life coaching. I hold graduate degrees in Humanistic Psychology and Organizational Psychology

Contact me to learn more about how I can help. 

Individual or group sessions.

Services for Spanish speakers are available.

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Join a group


Emotional Support

Processing your feelings - building community

My services are targeted to you, the parent or caregiver. In our group sessions, you can have the opportunity to be vulnerable and share what you are going through. Your personal and relational challenges, worries, and satisfactions. 

During our group sessions, we will discuss diverse topics such as:

  • Relationship challenges

  • How to take care of myself

  • Juggling with work and family

  • Finding quality time for friends and family

  • Being fair to my other children

  • Acceptance

  • Denial

I am here to provide an option for you to feel connected and listened to. Whether you prefer one-on-one sessions or group settings, I will do my best to meet your unique needs.


Book an appointment

Let's talk.

Your time is valuable, and to ensure my services align with your needs I am offering a free 15 min call to answer your questions and share more about how we can work together.

I am excited to meet you. 

Contact me to book an appointment:

347.870.3094 (Send me a text)

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